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Dashboard-> VPN section : wrong virtual address assigned

Added by Davide Marini over 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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The VPN section in the dashboard shows many parameters for all active vpns, one of these, the Virtual Address, is often wrong when the client is another gateway server (e.g. another Nethserver doing a net to net vpn ).
The showed Virtual address can be (random) the point to point of the tun/tap interface, or the remote lan address(in CIDR format), or something (not very clear) like the remote lan address where the last octet and netmask are wrong (e.g.
Please see the attached file

vpn-status.png (33.4 KB) Davide Marini, 11/07/2014 06:32 AM


#1 Updated by Davide Marini over 5 years ago

The values showed by the interface are extracted from the command openvpn status, this is the section (where XXXX stands for the public IP address).

ROUTING TABLE,vpn1,XXXX:58458,Fri Nov  7 11:47:40 2014,vpn2,XXXX:46049,Fri Nov  7 10:13:40 2014,vpn1,XXXX:58458,Fri Nov  7 10:13:39 2014,vpn3,XXXX:24287,Fri Nov  7 11:44:51 2014,vpn1,XXXX:58458,Fri Nov  7 11:47:44 2014,vpn2,XXXX:46049,Fri Nov  7 11:47:39 2014,vpn3,XXXX:24287,Fri Nov  7 11:47:44 2014,vpn1,XXXX:58458,Fri Nov  7 11:47:17 2014,vpn2,XXXX:46049,Fri Nov  7 11:47:41 2014,vpn1,XXXX:58458,Fri Nov  7 11:47:00 2014,vpn3,XXXX:24287,Fri Nov  7 10:13:38 2014,vpn1,XXXX:58458,Fri Nov  7 11:47:17 2014

I noticed that some vpn had more occurrences than others, so I looked at the traffic on the vpn interface and I found that the virtual address ip like are referred to the remote clients of the net-to-net which are doing actually traffic on the vpn.
My suggestion to separate in 2 tables simple host-to-net clients from Net-to-Net clients and show also the clients doing traffic actually , it would be very useful.

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This feature will not be implemented in NS 6. If needed, please reopen it for NS 7.

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