Davide Principi

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  • Registered on: 03/23/2011
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  • NethForge (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 05/28/2014)
  • Nethgui (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 03/24/2011)
  • NethServer 6 (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 03/30/2011)


Reported issues: 702


11:54 AM NethServer 6 Revision 4d2943b6 (nethserver-lang): Release 1.1.12
09:06 AM NethServer 6 Revision efd48c3f (nethserver-base): Move password expiration docs to nethserver-sssd
05:00 AM NethServer 6 Revision cab4fbbf (nethserver-lang): Pull strings from Transifex


11:00 AM NethServer 6 Revision b1a13e27 (nethserver-openvpn): Fix @dns list assignment


11:49 AM NethServer 6 Revision 2440d2ee (nethserver-samba): Merge pull request #21 from DavidePrincipi/remove-hosts-allow
Remove hosts allow
08:57 AM NethServer 6 Revision f7cb6b7b (nethserver-samba): Do not restart daemons if IP configuration changes
Although they listen on the wildcard address, nmbd binds on
broadcast-enabled interfaces specific IP, too. If the IP...
08:49 AM NethServer 6 Revision a2ed2d02 (nethserver-samba): Use firewall cfg to limit service access
The firewall configuration is aligned to trusted networks and VPN
status. We can avoid duplicating the same behavior...
08:49 AM NethServer 6 Revision 87bd2140 (nethserver-samba): Revert "Bad network config inhibits nmb startup"
This reverts commit c0d57ce9b9098b5502d4e35c1c2e80b2f5c844d6.
08:46 AM NethServer 6 Revision 346c6fac (nethserver-samba): Merge pull request #20 from DavidePrincipi/fix-bind-address
Bind daemons to wildcard IP
08:17 AM NethServer 6 Revision 70e24ed0 (nethserver-samba): Bind daemons to wildcard IP

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