Giacomo Sanchietti

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  • NethForge (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 05/28/2014)
  • Nethgui (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 04/13/2015)
  • NethServer 6 (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 03/30/2011)


Reported issues: 427


12:00 PM NethServer 6 Revision e6fdb8bf (nethserver-backup-config): Improve --skip-network implementation
Do not destroy existing network interface configuration, but merge
trusted networks, zones etc from the backup on the...
06:14 AM NethServer 6 Revision 9250eedf (nethserver-dnsmasq): post-restore-config: support --skip-network option (#19)
Delete DHCP ranges connected to non-existing network interfaces
06:12 AM NethServer 6 Revision 2acddea9 (nethserver-backup-config): Merge pull request #41 from NethServer/skip_network
Restore: skip network configuration on request
Add a new --skip-network parameter to disable network configuration a...
06:09 AM NethServer 6 Revision 5943a842 (nethserver-openvpn): post-restore-config: support --skip-network option (#55)
Disable all openvpn tunnel server because public IP address has
probably been changed.
06:06 AM NethServer 6 Revision e181a83b (nethserver-base): interface-rename: support --skip-network option (#167)
Do not execute any rename if --skip-network option is enabled.
06:05 AM NethServer 6 Revision b5475571 (nethserver-squid): restore-config: support --skip-network option (#55)
Disable priority rules using non existing zones.
06:03 AM NethServer 6 Revision cfccf290 (nethserver-firewall-base): post-restore: support skip-network option (#137)
Delete dangling objects and disable rules with
not-existing objects
06:02 AM NethServer 6 Revision 60843a41 (nethserver-backup-config): post-restore: reset network
05:05 AM NethServer 6 Revision 898f9d9c (nethserver-backup-config): Update root/etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-b...
04:57 AM NethServer 6 Revision f3fcb5d9 (nethserver-backup-config): Update root/etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-b...

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