Giacomo Sanchietti

  • Registered on: 03/21/2011
  • Last connection: 11/26/2018


  • NethForge (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 05/28/2014)
  • Nethgui (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 04/13/2015)
  • NethServer 6 (Triager, Developer, Packager, QA, Manager, 03/30/2011)


Reported issues: 426


12:09 PM NethServer 6 Revision 8f127dad (nethserver-squid): api: add dashboard


11:35 AM NethServer 6 Revision ffb541e7 (nethserver-squid): api: add rules
04:30 AM NethServer 6 Revision a7c75376 (nethserver-squid): api feature: fix 'installed' type and installation of multi...


12:12 PM NethServer 6 Revision 06471660 (nethserver-squid): api proxy: improve validate
Do not raise PHP warnings.
10:24 AM NethServer 6 Revision 6ff9714b (nethserver-squid): api proxy: always fire nethserver-squid-save event
Make sure to apply bypass by domains to dnsmasq.conf
10:21 AM NethServer 6 Revision cf74b0fa (nethserver-squid): BypassDomain migration: change migrated record key
Previous name was not compatibile with NethGUI validator from
10:06 AM NethServer 6 Revision 2b239973 (nethserver-squid): api: add proxy
05:51 AM NethServer 6 Revision 91dc7ef5 (nethserver-squid): Implement PortRedirect
Redirect a custom port to squid port 3128.
The redirect is valid only for loc zone.
This implementation is useful on...
05:50 AM NethServer 6 Revision 02126b03 (nethserver-squid): api: remove placeholder read


12:03 PM NethServer 6 Revision 8bfdbe3d (nethserver-squid): template: migrate from BypassDomains to bypass-dst record
This will permit to merge destination bypass inside the UI.

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