Bug #2925

Samba access denied from second green network

Added by Andrea Marchionni over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Target version:v6.5
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On a NethSever with two green network I can't access on samba folders from second green network.
The error is access denied.
My configuration


My smb.conf

log level = 0
bind interfaces only = yes
interfaces =
hosts allow =

Steps to reproduce:

- configure NehServer with two green interface
- configure a shared samba folder
- try to access to shared samba folder from a client connected from second green interface

Suggest Fix :

- in smb.conf the prop interfaces can be emptied, samba will be active in all interface and the firewall module checks the access

Associated revisions

Revision 289aca98
Added by Giacomo Sanchietti about 5 years ago

smb.conf template: bind on all green interfaces. Refs #2925


#1 Updated by Giacomo Sanchietti over 5 years ago

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New implementation expands interfaces option to all green interfaces.

About interfaces option from the man page of smb.conf:

 By default Samba enables all active interfaces that are broadcast capable except the loopback adaptor (IP address

And from online manual (https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch06.html):

The interfaces option specifies the networks that you want the Samba server to recognize and respond to. 
This option is handy if you have a computer that resides on more than one network subnet. 
If this option is not set, Samba searches for the primary network interface of the server (typically the first Ethernet card) 
upon startup and configures itself to operate on only that subnet. If the server is configured for more than one subnet and 
you do not specify this option, Samba will only work on the first subnet it encounters. You must use this option to force 
Samba to serve the other subnets on your network.

#4 Updated by Giacomo Sanchietti about 5 years ago

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In nethserver-testing:
  • nethserver-samba-1.4.6-1.1git289aca9.ns6.noarch.rpm
Test case 1
  • Check the daemon still works on systems with only one green interface
Test case 2
  • Check the bug is not reproducible with two or more green interfaces

#5 Updated by Alessandro Polidori about 5 years ago

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#6 Updated by Alessandro Polidori about 5 years ago

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  1. Test case 1 verified, it works.
  1. Test case 2 verified, it works.

I tested it with two and four green networks:

The shared folder is accessible from all of four network interfaces.

#7 Updated by Davide Principi about 5 years ago

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In nethserver-updates:

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