Enhancement #1722

Feature #1660: Migrate NethService to NethServer

Directory: wait for slapd and nslcd complete restart

Added by Davide Principi over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:CLOSEDStart date:03/05/2013
Priority:NormalDue date:03/05/2013
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Target version:v6.4-alpha2
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Restarting slapd causes a temporary failure of passwd and group databases lookups. While nslcd daemon tries to reconnect the ldap server user and group names are not resolved.

We must ensure the ldap searches are working correctly before returning from the adjust-services action, otherwise the subsequent actions may fail whenever they try to access user or group databases.

This situations occurs during migration-import event:
  • certificate-update event is raised by nethserver-base, which restarts slapd
  • nethserver-samba-migrate-sam action is started which does ldap and passwd queries but nslcd is still disconnected from ldap.

This enhancement must ensure all services are working correctly after slapd restarts and before giving back control to another action or event.

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Associated revisions

Revision 40602b61
Added by Davide Principi over 7 years ago

certificate-update event: use nethserver-directory-restart action to restart slapd properly. Refs #1722

Revision ad427175
Added by Davide Principi about 7 years ago

nethserver-mail-server-conf action: restart slapd cleanly. Refs #1747 #1722


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