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06:02 AM NethServer 6 Bug #2993 (CLOSED): Password renewal link doesn't use httpd-admin TCPPort
in the password expiring email there's a link to
even if httpd-admin TC...


06:55 AM NethServer 6 Enhancement #2839 (CLOSED): NethGUI - logviewer: add search box to viewer page
when viewing a single log file it could be useful to have the search box at the top of the page (near other buttons) ...
06:51 AM NethServer 6 Enhancement #2838 (CLOSED): NethGUI - logviewer: enhance usability with big files
big/long log files content should be includen into a <div> with separated scrollbars


04:22 AM NethServer 6 Feature #2788: Add bind-utils in the nethserver core package
Giacomo Sanchietti wrote:
> I'd like to to always have a clean base system.
> But there are many utilities usef...


07:06 AM NethServer 6 Enhancement #2803 (CLOSED): Edit workgroup name when role is Workstation
In Windows network page, it should be useful to let the admin/root user to edit the workgroup name from the web inter...


12:04 PM NethServer 6 Enhancement #2795 (CLOSED): Dashboard: remove/hide uneeded services from the list
In dashboard -> services web panel are present unused services
Example: after removing "statistics" packages (neth...
11:40 AM NethServer 6 Enhancement #2794 (CLOSED): Packagemanager: be more verbose in case of error
ATM packagemanager reports only "One or more events (1) reported an error. See the system logs for more details."
05:39 AM NethServer 6 Feature #2788 (CLOSED): Add bind-utils in the nethserver core package
bind-utils package should be part of netserver core packages list to provide dig/host/nslookup utilities
05:18 AM NethServer 6 Bug #2787 (CLOSED): SOGo - Adding an IMAP account breaks shared mail forders view
Added an external IMAP account (gmail) to one of my active users via preferences web panel
the same user can see a s...