Nethserver-wordpress is a rpm integration to install wordpress from epel to Nethserver


Stéphane de Labrusse


yum install --enablerepo=nethforge-testing nethserver-wordpress

Each time you want to reconfigure the contrib you can do

signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

Once installed You have to point your browser to the url http://url/wordpress and set all informations needed.


You have some db which allows to use specific settings

config show wordpress
WebFilesMod=enabled #used to allow upgrade files&folder with the backend
access=public #You can restrict to your local network or be opened to all (public/private)
status=enabled #you can disabled completely worpdress (enabled/disabled)

If you want to change something, for example (don't forget M which means megabytes)

config setprop wordpress UploadMaxSize 10M
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

You have also some hidden db :

If you want to force all users to renew their authentications each time you do a signal-event (enabled/disabled)

config setprop wordpress Salt enabled
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

If you want to enable the 'Debug' mode of wordpress (enabled/disabled)

config setprop wordpress Debug enabled
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

If you want that all themes & plugins can be updated automatically (enabled/disabled)

config setprop wordpress AutomaticUpdater enabled
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

If you want to use another name instead of 'wordpress' (http://url/wordpress), the older 'wordpress' is not removed

config setprop wordpress URL foldername
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

Source repository

Here the source :