Enhancement #3372

Updated by Giacomo Sanchietti about 4 years ago

Summary changelog for 0384:

- [mail][fix] All search in addressbook does not lookup in all directories
- [mail][fix] Again problems on contacts lookup for group *
- [mail] bugfix: attachments do not show if message is inside a folder with quotes in its name
- [mail] bugfix: deleting from opened mail, using its own button, did not move to trash
- [mail] bugfix: opending draft for edit containing recipients, without touching anything, would always prompt "are you sure" on close
- [mail] feature: manual seen state user option in the advanced tab, will not automatically set seen viewed messages
- [mail] use double quotes around tag names instead of single quotes, to better support mails with styles with single quotes
- [mail] advanced search now features searching "anywhere"
- [mail] Erroneusly sends new mail notifications on folder with "Search new messages" disabled
- [mail] Special folders don't show unread messages numbers
- [calendar][fix] Typo in day name
- [calendar][fix] Reminder email only work when user logs in
- [calendar] Fix scheduler issue with event in specific timezone
- [calendar] Fix DTSTART and DTEND bad format in ics
- [contacts][fix] Typo in grid contextmenu
- [contacts][fix] List clone function sets an empty category
- [contacts] Added 10 custom fields to contact (db+form)
- [contacts] Added new domain setting (customfields.label@X) in order to override default label
- [contacts] Implemented excel and csv import wizard
- [contacts] Added excel and csv libraries
- [contacts][fix] Contact saved as a copy is not shown
- [contacts] Fix category context menu not shown in read-only group
- [contacts] Set * as default letter in contacts grid
- [contacts] Added parameter (addressbook.letter) to override default letter in contacts list
- [tasks] Fix typo in context menu and category tab
- [tasks] Forgotten connection close
- [tasks] fixed task reminder
- [tasks] fixed context menu drm
- [vfs] hide hidden files starting with a dot prefix
- [vfs] hide hidden folders starting with a dot prefix
- [vfs-pub] moved folder toolbar over grid, more visibile
- [vfs-pub] added tooltips to buttons
- [vfs-pub] added button to download-zip of all files
- [fix] Import wizard fieldset items width in FF using fonts at 125%

- Added general service to monitor devices sync status and sen alert in case of problems
- Changed tolerance unit measure (to days) int sync devices feature
- [fix] Feedback window height in FF
- [fix] Added check on system setting (main.profiledata.editable) when saving Personal info
- ldap AD admin context uri corrected against new AD authentication mech
- Added auth logging (login, authentication, logout)
- Added internetDomain info in admin usercombo
- Add httpSession to auth_logs table
- HTMLEditor now features a "Preformatted" font to change block to "<pre>...</pre>"

- users list of ldapAD fixed with login column=sAMAccountName
- enabled multiple grid selection of users
- remove action possible on multple users
- added enabled / disabled action, also for "unmanaged domains", allows for remove / default-create of selected users from webtop users list
- enable button available also for managed domains

- support for AD with custom single or multiple ou , through uri params (winserver:389/ou=mygroup)
- correctly authenticate through filter = "(&(sAMAccountName=%n)(objectClass=user)(!(UserAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2)))" then get access to cn for intialization of username

- New option to disable dialog of client during send to webtop

- New classes using Apache POI package for streaming import of xlsx and xls (low memory footprint during import)

Upgrade to upstream release z-push 2.2.8 with backend revision 0017
[new] Adding management of ldap domains Windows